Lypossage was designed to promote good self-image and positive health. It is a series of twenty sessions, over a seven to ten week period, with a minimum of two sessions per week, that will improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation, and positively affect the lymphatic system.

Lypossage is a clinically proven treatment that effectively:
• Detoxifies your body of years of built-up wastes and toxins - making you feel better.
• Reshapes your figure without machines, needles, invasive surgery, exercise or dieting.
• Re-contours and smooths your skin by stretching and breaking down bound up adhesive fibers that hold fat in uneven rippled patterns commonly known as cellulite.

You pick the zone:

  • Zone-1: lower body, including the hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower abdomen.  

  • Zone-2: upper body, including the chest, back, and arms.  

Reduce the dimply appearance of cellulite naturally, lose inches, and possibly drop a dress size or two. Without surgery. 


Lypossage Testimonials

I can now wear 2 sizes smaller!

“I ended up losing 5 pounds and 18.75 inches in Zone 1 and 14.25 inches in Zone 2. I am totally happy, but I just keep thinking how much better it could have been if I had exercised and ate normally. 

— Linda S.



Feel better in your skin.

Wear that short skirt AND cross your legs. :-) Say goodbye to the muffin top and hello to smooth, beautiful skin.