The Deep Recovery System

My husband and I finally discovered the ultimate collection of self-therapy tools. You know we love tennis, hockey, and lacrosse balls ..... but they aren’t always perfect. The Deep Recovery System has definitely succeeded in creating the perfect set of massage therapy balls - several different sizes and densities are available so you will always have a set that works no matter how stubborn the restriction. And they come in handy carrying cases so you can take them anywhere (or use them exactly the way you use the two-tennis-balls-in-a-sock tool)!

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The same company also makes a handy neck cradle to tackle those hard-to-keep-the-balls-still areas of the neck and traps.....and travel size rollers!

Cannot say enough wonderful things about these tools - Available on Amazon. Priced Affordably. I highly recommend purchasing the neck cradle and all the balls!!!!


Some of the tools come with a helpful DVD that provides lots of great ideas on how to use the tools. As with all self-therapy, I would encourage you to be creative in placement and to hold all tender areas for a minimum of two to five minutes. Start with the softer balls and progress to the denser ball sets until the restriction has completely melted (does not need to be completed in one self-therapy session, the same area may be treated over several days using the various densities).

Neck Track for Trigger Point Massage & Myofascial Release
Multiple ball spacings let you do soft-tissue release in the upper and lower neck, side of neck, jaw and face.

Travel Foam Roller - Medium
A high density LIGHT-DUTY travel roller with 4" diameter, also known as a mini foam roller
Great on back, lats, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, delts.

Hard Ball Set
This hard massage ball set will penetrate and release soft tissues much better than a foam roller. 

4inch Diameter Ball Set
for large muscle groups like the shoulders, lats, lower back, glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Set of 3 Various Densities
2 gray Very Firm massage balls - great for lower back, calves and arms, also highly recommended for athletes, 2 green Firm massage balls - good for more sensitive areas such as upper back, 2 blue Soft massage balls - for sensitive parts, injuries and trouble spots. All balls are baseball-size and made from polyurethane.

The Deep Recovery company stands behind all their products so if you are not fully satisfied with anything you try you can easily send it back for a replacement or refund. Finally a full body system available from one source!