Tammy is definitely one of the best massage therapists I've ever had.”

She is so intuitive and can always feel the spots that need work without asking. Her massages aren't your standard therapeutic lay there and get rubbed type thing. She works hard stretching out your muscles and getting really deep into those spots that need healing. I always feel amazing the next couple of days. Make sure to drink a lot of water cos she will get ALL the toxins purged out of you!

— Justin M.

"Tamara has worked on some of my issues a couple of times and I couldn't be happier with the results."

I was suffering from terrible pain in my shoulder (to the point of wishing I just didn't have that arm--it was that bad). She was able to work her magic and bring me much needed relief. 

Since I only get to be treated by her when I'm in the Chicago area, she gave me so many helpful tips for self-care. Without any investment in any specialized tools, she taught me how to make sure I can head off any recurrence of pain before it gets to a critical situation. She really cares about getting you better and to a better place. 

If you've got pain, and especially if it's been bothering you and "nothing seems to help," I'd give Tamara a call. I serious think I owe my left arm to her!

— Erica G.

Tammy is my "go to" person for massage therapy.”

As a body worker myself, I am very particular about who touches me and works with me. She is sensitive and intuitive which makes her work spot on. I suggest that all who are looking for a healing experience give her a try!

— Ardath B.

"Tamara is one of the best intuitive healers I have ever been to."

I suffered from a ruptured uterus and torn bladder while having my second child. The healing process for my uterus was quite rough . I had a lot of numbness and deep uterine pain on and off for the first year and a half.  It wasn't until I found Tamara did I finally feel free of pain. After one session with her, my body went through an out of body experience. She brought me back to a lot of painful memories and really worked on my pain areas. I found myself free from pain within 48 hours. First time I had felt that way in months! She is truly a miracle worker and now a wonderful friend! She still continues to help me break through all my deep scar tissue. On my third session with her I was suffering from a chest cold that I had for over a week. I did not make her aware of this. As she was working on my chest she had to stop. She asked if I was having trouble breathing cause she couldn't breathe and had to stop. I said yes!! My throat is clogged and my chest is in a lot of pain. I was amazed that she was feeling my exact pain and it was interfering with her ability to work on me. As she refocused, she continued working on my neck and chest area. 24 hours after that session my chest cold was gone!!! AMAZING!!! Tamara is a for sure thing. Her abilities are limitless and she can help a lot of people who are suffering. I highly recommend her!!!

— Georgia M.

Tammy is made of magic! I'm an incredibly anxious person whose mind runs a million miles a minute. For that reason I usually can't enjoy massages. However, when I received an aroma touch massage from Tammy I felt like a new person. I'm already getting my parents and friends gift cards! Nothing is more important than your wellness and you're in great hands with Tammy!

Natasa Zoubouridis


I am a huge fan of Elite Wellness in Highland Park.”

The facility has a very clean warm friendly attitude. The employees are a pleasure to work with and I had a massage recently from Tammy that was amazing. They have many services to offer. I have tried many of them and can't believe how good I felt after. I suggest visiting and experiencing Elite Wellness for yourself.

— Chad C.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Tammy and her healing techniques!”

Not only is she a wonderful healer but such an incredible person. I have received numerous massages from her to: help me get pregnant, relieve pain, relieve anxiety.. and each time I walk out feeling fresh, accomplished and can walk lighter. I have also been cupped which is a very chill experience, I was nervous at first but Tammy showed me how it works and it turned out to be one of my favorite experiences. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed and bringing light and love into my life Tammy!

— Lindsey M.


“Stellar massage, professional service.”

Tammy is professional and demonstrates advanced skills combining her many years of experience to provide an exceptional treatment session. 

— Aimee S.

Tammy has magic hands!”

I had been struggling with sciatica pain for years.  She was able to go straight to the area that held the pain.  Within two sessions she was able to release the tension and I am now pain free.

— Nancy P.